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“Line Rental” is the monthly or quarterly charge you pay for your telephone lines, and “Calls” are the outbound phone calls that you make to other numbers. If your lines and calls are with any provider other than a cable company like Virgin or the regional provider Kingston Communications, why not transfer your current line rental and calls to JabbaTalk and realise instant cost savings.

Transferring your line rental and calls is a FREE and painless process with no disruption in service and is usually completed within 10 days.

See “Switching your services to JabbaTalk

We supply Rental and New Installations on the following lines:

  • Single Analogue
  • Multiline Auxiliary
  • ISDN 2
  • ISDN30

We can also supply rental and new installation services to temporary buildings.


JabbaTalk are members of the Telecom Ombudsman Services and regulated by Ofcom.

To arrange transfer of your current business line rental or for more information on our landline services call us today on 0333 240 1186.

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