Eco-Drive panel.

Project Description

Eco-Drive panel


Eco-Drive panel is JabbaTalk developed and manufactured device for monitoring drivers behaviour in real-time. Eco-Panel informs driver by light and sound indicators, when his driving actions are causing fuel waste and faster vehicle depreciation. Driving information is also sent to the real-time monitoring and control system which analyses drivers behaviour and allows to evaluate driver’s performance.

Eco-Drive panel benefits:

  • Reduced vehicle maintenance costs
  • Fuel costs reduced up to 20%
  • Improved driving skills
  • Reduced environmental pollution
  • More comfortable and safer trips

Eco-Drive panel monitors and informs about:

  • High RPM
  • Harsh breaking
  • Over speeding
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Idling
  • Cruise control

Project Details

  • Date 17/03/2016
  • Tags Tracking Accessories
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