4G Mobile Data & m2m/iot Solutions.

High speed internet on the move.

Project Description

It’s never been easier to get email, attachment viewing, web browsing and instant messaging on the go! Mobile data services enable business users to continue working whilst on the move.  Users now have the ability to access existing corporate data stores and enterprise applications, such as CRM, ERP, business intelligence and document management systems wirelessly. Available on Vodafone or o2

3GB – 4G Data Only

£8.00 per month
    • 3GB of Vodafone 4G UK Data

5GB – 4G Data Only

£10.50 per month
    • 5GB of Vodafone 4G UK Data

10GB – 4G Data Only

£13.50 per month
    • 10GB of Vodafone 4G UK Data

20GB – 4G Data Only

£17.50 per month
    • 20GB of Vodafone 4G UK Data

We have data packages across all the UK mobile networks together with access to WiFi hotspots.

Mobile data is available either through compact handheld devices such as a PDA, or through USB data dongles. Looking for connectivity for your m2m devices including vehicle tracking, road signs, traffic light systems etc. then give us a call today we can provide your m2m data at a very reasonable price.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT)?

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, Machine Research sees a very definite distinction between M2M and IoT. M2M is, effectively, the plumbing for IoT. M2M involves connecting devices and transferring data. This is something that the IoT depends on. However, M2M typically involves an application developed to solve a particular need. IoT replaces these ‘stovepipes’ with common application platforms, where data from lots of different sources can be ‘mashed-up’ together, and where developers can build new apps without having to start from the ground up.

To give an analogy, M2M is like your mobile connection, while IoT is Facebook, Google, and all the apps that you use on your PC or phone. With IoT, developers no longer need to do the equivalent of inventing the iPhone every time they want to create an app.

With over 36 billion machines worldwide, there has been unprecedented growth in the requirement for connected devices. JabbaTalk’s M2M Mobile Data connectivity is the simple cost-effective way to connect remote devices for two-way communication of key information, anytime, anyplace. Working on both GPRS and 3G cellular networks, JabbaTalk‘s SIM-based connectivity is now enabling the benefits of cellular technology to make business processes more efficient.

Machines can now communicate for themselves be it stock control, wireless payment, engineering work, fault reporting or tracking. In an ever changing, technology driven world, it has become more important than ever to partner with a company you can trust. JabbaTalk has over 25 years’ experience in M2M connectivity, enabling system integrators and end-users to manage and deliver M2M applications seamlessly and cost effectively. JabbaTalk’s Mobile Data offering includes competitive Mobile Data tariffs, coupled with superior service and support. To enable you to manage your data cost effectively, you can also choose from a number of flexible billing options.

Free landline to mobile calls

Internal communication is key to any business, so when office based staff are making business calls to field based colleagues to their mobiles, the last thing you want to worry about is how much it’s costing.

If your company’s landline and mobile contracts are with different providers, you could find that the cost of calls between your landlines and mobiles take up a huge chunk of your telecoms budget.

The best of both worlds with JabbaTalk!

With JabbaTalk, you can have complete peace of mind that these calls will no longer cost you a penny! Taking both from JabbaTalk, means you can have the best of both worlds as we will give you FREE calls from your business landline
to mobiles.

We have over 3 decades of relationships with all of the UK Mobile phone Networks shown below.









Prices subject to VAT @ 20% – Monthly payment by direct debit is mandatory and bills are paid line rental in advance and calls in arrears and your first bill may be slightly higher than expected.

Call us today on 01524 39212 to order your brand new sim card from JabbaTalk

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