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Fleet Monitoring and Control

Real-time information on vehicle, driver and cargo enables transport managers to make better decisions that contribute to business growth and success.The GPS tracking device with the TrustTrack system creates a solution that is suitable for all fleet types and sizes.

Fast and effective fleet management

Fleet monitoring gives greater control over the fleet resulting in reduced vehicle operating costs and saved employee time. It also enables timely decisions to be made based on accurate data, and improves the overall efficiency of the business process.

Secure cargo and passengers

Real-time data and alerts enable transport managers to react instantly to critical or unplanned situations and avoid possible financials losses or damage to vehicle, cargo or driver.

Safe and effective vehicle use

Real-time information improves the work efficiency of transport managers and drivers, and contributes to overall vehicle safety. The solution allows vehicle ignitions to be blocked, and, in the case of theft, vital information can be provided for vehicle recovery.

Fuel Monitoring and Control

Fuel costs can account for one third of all fleet maintenance costs, so it is important to manage it in the best possible way in order for a company to reduce operational costs. Our fuel monitoring and control solution provides companies with accurate fuel information that allows companies to make decisions that help to save and optimise fuel consumption.

Accurate fuel management

Detailed information on fuel level and consumption allows transport managers to compare drivers and vehicles according to their fuel consumption and distance traveled, plan trips and refueling stops, and analyse real-time fuel consumption data to improve fleet management.

Fuel savings and control

Real-time fuel level and consumption information allows transport managers to prevent and detect fuel theft events. Fuel level decrease and increase events are clearly displayed, therefore it is possible to identify fuel thefts and compare whether a driver filled a fuel tank for as much as he paid. Furthermore, when a driver knows that fuel is being monitored, he is less likely to waste fuel with his actions, as he will have to take responsibility for it.


Teaching drivers small simple driving habits will save a business a significant amount of fuel and reduce vehicle maintenance costs. This solution processes trip data and creates insights into possible improvements for increasing fleet performance.

Fuel savings and control

Bad driving habits such as harsh braking or acceleration, idling, or speeding waste fuel and increase its consumption. The Eco-drive solution identifies these bad habits and shows how employee driving style should change in order to save fuel.

Driver behaviour and motivation

Detailed trip information permits the ranking of drivers by safety or fuel efficiency, and the creation of a salary system based on their performance. This can be used to motivate drivers and improve their driving style.

Secure cargo and passengers

A safer and more relaxed driving style also contributes to the safety of vehicle, cargo and driver by reducing the risk of accidents. Moreover it creates a better experience for passengers and prolongs the life of the vehicle.

Remote Tachograph Data Download

Remotely download tachograph unit and driver card data with TrustTrack software. Make tachograph files management fast and simple.

Tachograph solution will simplify the management of driver working and resting time. It helps to ensure that drivers work the appropriate amount of time and do not break any regulations.


  • Download tachograph data
  • Download driver card data
  • Create schedules for automatic download
  • Get additional tachograph data for faults, events, speed and technical data
  • Driver detection and automatic assignation from driver card


  • No more expensive and time-consuming physical tachograph data collection
  • Prevent from braking European Union regulations and paying fines
  • Avoid tachograph data being overwritten
  • Timely route re-planning and driver selection
  • Plan longer trips and save time





European Union regulations requires to periodically download tachograph unit and driver card data and make it available for up to one year.

How it works

GPS tracking device is connected to a digital tachograph and periodically downloads its data. Downloaded data is sent to a TrustTrack software where it can be downloaded to a computer in .ddd format.

Project Details

  • Date 09/06/2018
  • Tags Tracking Solutions

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