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BT’s business structure provides the UK with one of the most competitive communications markets in the world with unrivalled broadband availability, take-up and prices.

In 2005, Ofcom created a new regulatory framework that required BT to separate its access network operations. As a result, Openreach – a BT Group company – was created providing all communications providers in the UK with equal access to BT’s network.

Looking to save money on your existing communications?

Whatever size you are, your business can enjoy the benefits of lower cost line rental and cheaper calls without compromising on quality or service. Our customers are saving £100’s on their previous suppliers bills each month.

What’s available?

  • Landlines – one number, one line (also called analogue)
  • ISDN II – two channels on one line for voice, data or fax (this product has a limited lifespan EOL – 2025)
  • ISDN 30 – up to 30 channels on one line (this product has a limited lifespan EOL – 2025)
  • Calls Only – if you’re already stuck in a contract with BT you can move just your call charges to us and pay BT for the line
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – Voice technology sent over broadband and hosted in the cloud
  • Session Internet Protocol (SIP) – is our market-leading and cost-effective replacement for traditional ISDN

You will also receive an easily-digested monthly bill and benefit from an analysis tool, which allows direct analysis of monthly call spend and identifies potential cost savings via our 24-7 on-line portal.

If your mobiles are already with JabbaTalk, ask about our combined monthly billing for both fixed and mobile all a single bill including free calls from your standard business landlines to these numbers, thus reducing your costs to compared with your current suppliers. There are many tariffs for both mobile and fixed offering bundled minutes to make it a very attractive option to combine your fixed and mobile provider.

JabbaTalk can provide you with options for this service, so please contact us for advice. Switching landline supplier is very easy, depending on your contractual status you could transfer both your line rentals and calls or move them separately as and when they become free to transfer. There are a range of options to suit every business, from a single office line to a fully integrated ISDN30 or VoIP solution for larger offices.

The benefits are clear, but how do we do it?

  • Saving you money – We bill our calls to 4 decimal points, and we don’t charge any call set up fee’s
  • Transferring is easy – You’ll get one point of contact to manage the transfer, from installation through to your first bill.
  • One bill – If your business already has mobiles with JabbaTalk, you could receive your mobile and landline bill together.

What’s the transfer process?

  1. We will check your existing number to see if we can transfer you over. This call will be even quicker if you have your BT or current providers bill to hand.
  2. We will find out which services you currently have and understand what you need from your landline service.
  3. We find the best landline/broadband product and package for you.
  4. We will send you a contract with a full list of the services you’ve selected.
  5. Once we receive your signed contract we will call you back to go through the final implementation list and confirm how your bill should be set up.
  6. We will deal with the transfer of your line/broadband from your existing provider.
  7. We will confirm your final “Transfer/Go Live” date in writing .
  8. Once everything is transferred we will call you to confirm all your services are working smoothly.
  9. Your first bill will then be issued around the first week of each month and due 14 days thereafter by Direct Debit.

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JabbaTalk are members of the The Ombudsman Service Limited and regulated by Ofcom.

Free landline to mobile calls

Internal communication is key to any business, so when office based staff are making business calls to field based colleagues to their mobiles, the last thing you want to worry about is how much it’s costing.

If your company’s landline and mobile contracts are with different providers, you could find that the cost of calls between your landlines and mobiles take up a huge chunk of your telecoms budget.

The best of both worlds with JabbaTalk!

With JabbaTalk, you can have complete peace of mind that these calls will no longer cost you a penny! Taking both from JabbaTalk, means you can have the best of both worlds as we will give you FREE calls from your business landline
to mobiles.

Prices subject to VAT @ 20% – Monthly payment by direct debit is mandatory and bills are paid line rental in advance and calls in arrears and your first bill may be slightly higher than expected.

Call us today on 01524 39212 to order your brand new service from JabbaTalk

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