FM-TTR Stand alone Trailer Tracker.









FM-TTR is a stand-alone GPS tracker created specifically for HGV trailer tracking, the tracker is mounted inside a normal everyday Rubbolite™ number plate holder and directly connects to the trailers electronic braking system (EBS).

This tracker allows trailers to be monitored at all times, not only whilst connected to tractor units but the FM-TTr also reports the trailers last position once uncoupled. This is an ideal solution for multi trailer operations and those who operate from sea terminals.

JabbaTalk specially designed the number plate housing to be compatible with the industry standard number plate holder, Rubbolite™. Due to this, the unit is weather proof and sits perfectly at the rear of the trailer, it is the tracker location which specifically sets this product apart from its competitors due to our increased capability of GSM coverage.

We have ongoing relationships with all three main ABS/EBS manufacturers: Knorr-Bremse™️, Wabco™️ & Haldex™️ as well as ThermoKing™ Refrigerators. The FM-TTr can plug directly in to the trailers ECU meaning all trailer warranties are left in tact and we can interrogate the information for the trailers on board reporting system.

FM-TTr features:

  • Real time locator
  • Route history for trailer
  • Readouts from refrigerated trailers (temperature, set-point and etc.)
  • Ignition status
  • Identification of battery voltage drops
  • Security – The FM-TTR Trailer Tracker is nearly invisible, so highly unlikely to be tampered with.
  • 2 Wire installation – For basic tracking: where, when, how long and how fast & GPS mileage.
  • 4 Wire installation – For ECU interrogation including total mileage, mileage since service, rollover events and 39 other potential parameters.
  • Service interval check – Set reminders once your trailer has completed a specific mileage or elapsed time periods/
  • Additional Sensors – can be added and alarms set to report on refrigerator temperature, door open sensors etc.
  • Built in battery – in order to report location as required when not coupled to a tractor unit.