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JabbaTalk is committed to helping build a sustainable future for our children and their children after them. This is why every Minute carried over the JabbaTalk network is Carbon Neutral.  Each year, the amount of energy used in transporting minutes on the JabbaTalk network are independently assessed. Every one tonne of CO2 is then offset by buying credits in a climate friendly project that would not have happened without carbon credit investment.

JabbaTalk’s customers are using the greenest network in the UK.

Benefits to End Users:

  • Buy into an environmental friendly solution.
  • Ideal solution for organisations who are required to meet key green objectives.
  • Greenest way of making calls in the UK.

Which Projects do the carbon Credits contribute to?
Sichuan Province Hydro Power Project in China.

Sichuan is a remote and mountainous region with much untapped potential for hydro power projects. The combined capacity of these four run-of-river hydro power plants is 17.15 MW of clean electricity which is delivered to the local grid, displacing electricity that would otherwise have been drawn primarily from fossil fuel power stations. This reduces CO2 emissions along with the local atmospheric pollution associated with the combustion of coal.

Alongside the emissions reductions, the project has brought a new stream of income to a region which was previously almost entirely based on agriculture. The majority of the construction workforce was villagers which provided an opportunity for many to learn new skills and earn higher wages. In addition to employment during construction, the project provides ongoing employment to villagers to operate the plant. The project has also helped address the shortfall of available electricity which has reduced the price of electricity and means the villagers’ no longer need to rely on wood, significantly improving air quality.

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