Customer Charter.

Our pledge to you.


At JabbaTalk, our motto is “Honest, Effective Communication”.  We like to make a difference to our customers by providing a service that is right for them. At all times, we believe that “SERVICE” is key and to ensure you have a good experience on this element at all times. Our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they have to!


We will try to do this by:

  • We will do everything in our power to ensure you have a constant and reliable service.
  • If you do encounter service problems, we will endeavour to resolve these in a timely manner and keep you informed of the progress of the resolution.
  • We will listen to your requests and do our utmost to fulfil them.
  • We will provide honest advice.
  • We will endeavour to provide you with the best service possible at a cost that is right for you.



Whilst we will do our utmost to ensure you are happy with your service, we appreciate that we may not fulfil your expectations on every occasion and you may wish to make a formal complaint.

To do so, you can contact us by any of the following methods:

  • By telephone :
    Please call our Customer Services Team on 0333 240 1185
  • By letter :
    If you prefer to write, please send your letter to the address below.  Please make sure you include the account number and telephone number of the service you are complaining about to:
    JabbaTalk Limited
    The Ironworks
    Warton Road
    LA1 3PE
  • By email:

We will attempt to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction.

If we do you not resolve your complain to your satisfaction, you may escalate the matter to the next available level by writing to us at our address or to the email

If we are still unable to resolve your complaint (or if 8 weeks has passed) we will issue you with a deadlock letter and you may wish to refer the matter to the Ombudsman Services: Communications, an independent alternative dispute resolution scheme (ADR). We can provide you with details of this service. You can utilise this service at no cost to yourself or your business.

Ombudsman Services: Communications

Ombudsman Services: Communications provides an independent service to customers who are not satisfied with the resolution of their complaint made. You must make your complaint to Ombudsman Services: Communications within 6 months of receiving a “Deadlock” letter. If you have not received a “Deadlock” letter you must contact Ombudsman Services: Communications within 9 months of issuing a complaint to JabbaTalk.

Contact Details for Ombudsman Services: Communications:

Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730

Phone: 0845 050 1614
Fax: 01925 430 059
Text phone: 0845 051


Ofcom is the regulatory body for the communications industry. Ofcom oversees our service provision within the terms of the Communications Act 2003 that are relevant to us.


Terms & Conditions

You can download our Terms and Conditions of business using the link below:

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