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These are calls other people make to call you, but for simplicity I shall only explain Number Translation Services or NTS as they are sometimes called.  NTS services are split into two groups, Non Geographic Translations (or NGN’s) and Geographic Translations (which don’t have their own acronym – hooray!! But come under the general acronym of NTS, booo!).

NGN’s are those numbers that you don’t associate with a physical location, so are the likes of 0800, 0845, 0300, 0844, etc.  Each number group has its own purpose, for example:

0800 numbers are used by companies that want to seem more like a national company and wish to attract callers to their company by paying for the call rather than the caller paying to contact them.

  1. 0844’s come in 1p, 2p, 3p, 4p and 5p grades and are used to make the company have more like a national presence, but possibly earn a bit of money in the guise of a “kick back” from the supplier, so every call could possibly generate income.
  2. 0300 is a new number range which is a free phone number but is only available for Government or charity organisations.

Geographic Translations are used when a company wishes to have a presence in a particular area when physically they aren’t there.  So a business which only has an office in Leeds for example, can have a number which appears to be a Manchester 0161 xxxxxxx number, but when called, it actually gets answered in the Leeds office.   This is becoming more useful as people are starting to want to deal with local companies rather than a national “faceless” organisation.

Other services can also be tied into Inbound services, such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), this is where you dial a number and are greeted with a friendly voice saying “Welcome to Crunchy Dog Biscuits, please select one of the following options………’’

Other services include time of day routing, so for example when someone dials 0845 xxxxxx between 09:00 to 17:30 the call is routed to Office A, then after 17:30 calls are delivered to a different site, say Office B. There are also services like call recording, so all calls can be interrogated and played at later dates, or area based routing where calls on one single number are routed to different offices or numbers dependant on where the caller is located in the country.

If you would like further information on inbound services, please contact a JabbaTalk advisor on 0844 880 4360.

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