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Outbound calls are the calls that you make then you pick up a phone and dial a number.  Most reputable suppliers will provide this service on a “Tier 1” network.  A Tier 1 network is one which has its own national transmission network, based on an extensive switch and fiber- optic infrastructure. There has to be a minimum of 10 switching platforms around the UK, which greatly enhances the quality and reliability of your telephone calls and dramatically increases the number of simultaneous calls that can be carried on the network.  There are approximately 120 network providers in the UK, but only about 8-10 of them are classed as having a Tier 1 network. JabbaTalk currently uses the only known Tier 1 network in the UK whose minutes are “Carbon Neutral”.

JabbaTalk ethos is to provide “Honest, Effective Communication” where we want our customers to be happy and know what they are paying for.   You need to be aware that there are many ways a telecom company can appear to be cheap, but the truth is that there are many hidden charges behind the calls you make.  Some of the things you need to ask your current or future providers are:

Do you have a call set up fee? 
This is a fee that is added immediately if a call is answered.  This is in addition to the duration cost of a call.

Do you bill to the second? 
Some companies bill to the nearest minute, so a 1 second call will cost you the equivalent to a minute.

How many decimals do you bill to?
If the answer is 2 decimal places, the call costs are rounded up to the nearest penny, so if you’re quoted say 1.1 pence per minute, they can only ever charge you 2 pence for a minutes worth.

What is the minimum call charge? 
This is the minimum charge that a supplier will charge you for any call.  A reputable company would charge 1p as that’s the lowest denomination possible.

In short, a company could offer you 1.1 pence per minute to “Local” or “National” destinations which sounds cheap, but the reality might be that a 30 second call to a voicemail somewhere could end up costing you 5p if they bill to the minute, and have a 3p call set up charge.

Many telecom companies who tempt you by offering low line rental costs adopt some of the billing tricks listed above to make up for not making money online rental, so if any of the answers above raise any further questions in your mind, you’re probably better avoiding that supplier.

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