TrustTrack – Fleet Tracking/Management Platform

TrustTrack is easy-to-use, trustworthy, integral and advanced telematics platform for businesses to manage their transport resources. TrustTrack is developed by Ruptela for JabbaTalk and is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform.


Vehicle Tracking

Monitor real-time vehicle location, view trip history, send routes, messages and tasks to you drivers, get reports with notifications and much, much more!

Connect & Integrate

Connect drivers, vehicles, tasks, routes, KPIs and all other data in a single platform. Connect with other systems and web services using our open API.


Get data from vehicle’s CANbus, monitor fuel level and consumption, rate drivers by their driving style, wasted fuel, idling etc. and much more!


TrustTrack is a user-oriented platform with a simple and intuitive user interface. It is a fast and proactive platform.

Mobile Apps

TrustTrack comes with mobile versions for Android and iOS devices.  TrustTrack App – for fleet managers and OnTrack App – for drivers.

Admin Panel

User friendly management platform for transport managers. It makes daily control easier to manage, adapt, control, saving time & money.


Fleet Status

Fleet activity information to make better decisions.

Tachograph Module

Remotely download data from tachograph.

Time Analysis

Manage working, driving and resting times.

Fuel Module

Detailed fuel level and consumption information.


Rank drivers by driving style, wasted fuel and efficiency.


Customise, generate and subscribe to reports.

Routing & Tasks

Create routes with tasks and send them to drivers.


Get notifications when vehicle needs to be serviced.


Manage vehicles with pre-set work areas.


Get notifications when specific events happen.


Send messages and files to driver from the platform.


Get an overview of fleet performance.

It really couldn’t be simpler, call us today to understand how your business could start benefiting from our TrustTrack Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions.

Please contact a JabbaTalk advisor on 01524 39212 to discuss your options further.