4 common myths about fleet management

From our daily communication with our clients we have encountered various myths about GPS tracking and fleet management solutions.

Despite the fact that fleet management systems are on the rise and have already proven their operational benefits, there are still many misconceptions that distort the market.

My fleet size is too small.

Unless you have 2 cars that both are not working, then no fleet is too small for fleet management solutions. We have clients with 5000 objects, but we also have many clients who have 2-5 vehicles. No matter the fleet size, fleet management solutions save companies’ time and money. Whether it is 30 fleet managers or one manager, the effect is still felt.

It is too expensive.

At first, it might look like a big investment, but typically fleet management solutions pay off in less than a year. And it’s only if you count fuel and maintenance costs. The amount of saved time and increased efficiency also adds up to a notable savings. When buying fleet management solution you should remember, that we are talking about high-tech hardware and software products that collect and analyze huge amounts of data and provide valuable insights. It’s not like you are buying air freshener or new window wipers for your car.

It is to spy on your employees.

When drivers and fleet managers first hear about fleet management solutions in their company, usually the reaction is negative. People start to think that top management do not trust them, want to spy and control them.  However, reality is totally opposite. Fleet management solutions are made to make drivers’ and fleet managers’ work easier. It empowers them to achieve better results by providing valuable information and insights.

All fleet management systems are the same, aren’t they?

Well, yes and no. They are all the same if you look at them as little black boxes and a software window, where you can see your vehicles on the map. It is the primary goal of all fleet management solutions. However, there are features, quality and functionalities that come along and make it different. Some providers’ solutions won’t go further than car tracking and route viewing and others will allow you to gather data from vehicles’ on-board computer, impact employees’ driving style and interact with other connected pieces of equipment.