Hancock Group go VoIP

The Hancock Group were having major issues with their existing telephone system, they currently use us for their line rental and calls and their General Manager (Mark Leamy) called Steve to see if we could help. Steve and Andrew went to Hancocks site office’s and discussed their requirements with Mark and completed a site survey.

Hanckock’s took the decision there and then to opt for on our Horizon “Voice over Internet Protocol” (VoIP) system that offers them call recording, full IVR system as well as calls between the two sites. Today we commissioned the first stage of the system in their accounts office. because of the location of the two offices, we decided to connect them via microwave! Amazing… but true, end result is only 2 analogue lines left, 2 broadband services (one with an assured service for their VoIP) and thats it! Actually removed 6 other lines and 4 lots of other broadbands…..

Oh and one very happy customer – Saved him a small fortune