Introducing ZOEY our brand new biling platform

Our new billing system ‘ZOEY’ goes live!

You may have noticed your JabbaTalk bills last month looked a little different, we have implemented of our brand new billing platform. It’s called ‘ZOEY’ and it come with some fantastic features you can control.

The system has taken months and months of preparation and finally we went live at the beginning of last month.

What is ZOEY?

ZOEY is your gateway to our online billing platform designed for you to improve the way you manage your JabbaTalk services.

It has the following key distinct features:

  • View your bills – you can now view your full invoice online and itemised billing for calls.
  • Run reports – you can run reports based on a variety of user defined criteria.
  • Call analysis – perform call analysis to identify and manage your usage.
  • Manage e-alerts – Set up e-Alerts to notify you if the system appears to detect fraud and take automatic action to reduce your liability. Whilst this cannot by itself protect you from fraud – it will help prevent the potential costs.
  • Manage users and departments for more in-depth cost analysis.

Please contact our support desk on 0333 240 1185 for your login details.

Click here to login 

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