TrustTrack Security Solutions

Add extra security measures to your vehicle and trailer. Improve cargo, driver, vehicle and trailer protection.

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Remote ignition blocking
  • Door status monitoring
  • And many other security solutions listed below

Temperature monitoring

Monitor the cargo temperature and receive notifications in case of any deviations.

Temperature data is received directly from refrigerated trailer or from additionally installed temperature sensors. If the cargo temperature changes, notifications are sent via various channels allowing you to take preventative actions.

See real-time cargo temperature and generate reports with temperature change information.

Remote ignition blocking

Prevent vehicle from unauthorised use or from being stolen, by remotely blocking vehicle ignition.

Engine block relay installed to the vehicle allows to remotely block vehicle ignition or start vehicle only after driver identification is complete. It ensures the vehicle is used only by authorised personnel, that confirms their identity with RFID card or ibutton key.

Ignition can be also blocked when vehicle leaves predefined area – city, country, construction or other work area.

Door status monitoring

Get information when trailer doors are opened and closed.

Door sensors installed to the trailer allows to know when and where trailer doors were opened and closed. It helps to protect cargo by sending email, SMS or in-system notifications on door opening events to transport manager or driver.

Notifications can be sent on custom events, such as door opening at specific time or location.

More security solutions

Explore other security solutions for vehicle, cargo and driver.

Trailer assignation

See which trailer is connected to which truck. Monitor trailer coupling and uncoupling events.

Panic button

In case of an emergency, driver can quickly notify back office about critical situation.

Alarm system

Additional alarm system protects cargo, by informing driver via sound alarm and sending notification to back office.

Alcohol detection

Prevent vehicle starting if driver is under the influence of alcohol and inform manager about this violation.

Roll over alert

Receive notifications in case vehicle or trailer roll over event.

Fatigue sensor

Fatigue sensor detects driver fatigue levels and alerts driver with sound notification to prevent driver from falling asleep. It can also take and send pictures to back office.

Advanced driver assistance system

Mobileye™ is the advanced driver assistance system, uses an artificial vision sensor to view the road ahead and warn drivers with visual and sound alerts if a threat is detected.


Be informed when your vehicle leaves a pre-set work area (city, country, construction area, garage, etc.)