Proven ways to secure and recover a stolen vehicle

Vehicle thefts are happening everywhere in the world and though the automotive industry is constantly looking for ways to increase vehicle security, stolen vehicle numbers are still high. One of the benefits of having a fleet management system is that it gives you a wide range additional security measures, that can make all the difference when the time comes.

Here are some proven ways to secure and recover a stolen vehicle using TrustTrack.

Live tracking

The most basic thing, that a tracking software gives you is a live tracking of the vehicle. You can always check on your mobile phone where the vehicle is and if its current location looks suspicious, you can instantly take further action.

Remote engine block

With a small device fitted to the vehicle, you can also block vehicles engine ignition using TrustTrack software. It will prevent unauthorized vehicle use and will help to recover the vehicle.

Panic button

In case of emergency, such as an armed vehicle robbery, there is no time to look for a mobile phone and call for help. That’s why panic buttons are so popular, as they can be pressed within a second and an alarm is sent to TrustTrack software, a group email and even mobile phone via SMS.

Geozone events

Creating a specific geozones can also be very helpful. Let’s say you have a van, that is always working at one part of a town. If it leaves a pre-set geozones, it will be shown in TrustTrack and you will be able to check what is happening.

Car access control

Having a special ID key fob to start vehicle engine can also prevent vehicle theft.

Towing detection

Sometimes vehicle can be stolen simply by towing it away. TrustTrack software can inform, when the vehicle is being towed away, allowing you to take actions instantly.

Jamming detection

Sometimes special jammers are used to block GSM signal of installed trackers in order to “hide from tracking systems”. However, our trackers can detect this and again, an alarm is sent to TrustTrack, a group email and even mobile phone via SMS.

If you have any further questions about the benefits of our vehicle tracking solutions, please contact us for a free non-obligatory demonstration on 01524 39212