Colin Knight – Synergy Systems

We have been using JabbaTalk’s web based business tracking solution to receive real time data for some of our driver training vehicles. The flexible platform has a user-friendly interface offering great functionality through a range of Internet connected devices ranging from smartphones to tablets.

The online CANbus data has been an excellent tool for our trainers and delegates to track performance relating to drivers style. The accelerometer and braking mechanisms are accurate and offer an additional layer of data, which in turn assists with helping us to improve driver style and Behaviour.

The face of the unit is about the size of a business card and can be mounted almost anywhere inside the cab of the vehicle. If a harsh acceleration or braking event occurs the driver receives a visible red light indication (and audible if required) from the unit allowing them to develop a driving style that is smooth and well planned.

The live tracking system is accessed over the Internet and automatically updates the position and routes of vehicles using GPS satellites making the system highly advanced. We were particularly impressed with advanced alarms and notification service which when activated through over speeding, sends text messages containing date, time and exact location of the speeding event to our smart phones.

JabbaTalk’s TrustTrack system offers a variety of reports, maps and diagrams, which assist with helping organisations build a profile of their driver’s behaviour and activities during their working day. Moreover, if used correctly, the system can assist with creating a culture that reduces crash risk allowing your organisation to meet its duty of care and reduce running costs such as fuel consumption, staff down time and incident repair and management at the same time. Overall, we found TrustTrack to be extremely user-friendly, accurate and reliable. We would not hesitate to recommend not only this this product, but also the dynamic and attentive staff within the JabbaTalk team. An excellent no nonsense product.