Unmarked Lorries Will Catch Dangerous Drivers

Unmarked Lorries will be deployed on the nation’s motorways and A-roads from as early as this spring in a bid to catch dangerous drivers.

In a move that will undoubtedly produce more headaches for Fleet Managers who currently have concerns about their drivers behavioural habits whilst at work; the Highways Agency and the Police have teamed up to send out unmarked HGV’s that will  give officers the “ideal viewing platform” to monitor drivers from a higher position.

Under the pilot scheme introduced last year, a huge 462 offences were identified by the Unmarked HGV in areas such as Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Thames Valley and Warwickshire. A high percentage of those were due to Mobile Phone usage.

We recently spoke to a Fleet Manager who told us he had concerns about members of his own Fleet using their Mobile Phones whilst driving and that it was something he was actively trying to stamp out. Given this news, it will be paramount that companies across the country ensure that safety cultures are embraced more efficiently.

One HGV driver who was caught during the trial said that he had not worn a seatbelt for 20 years, and another lorry driver was spotted drinking a beer can.

For those whose drivers already embrace strict safety measures on the job, this news won’t bring an overt amount of concern. However for those whose drivers are not currently subscribing to the safety culture advocated by the company they work for, this news will be seen as a potential wake-up call.