Why are Vehicle Tracking Systems so Popular?

Vehicle tracking systems are popular among businesses that operate using fleets of vehicles for many reasons. One such reason is that it inevitably gives employers more control over outward business and more eyes on their fleet when it comes to checking the progress and work ethic of employees travelling between places of business. With multiple vehicles spread across the country or even abroad, it is difficult for employers to conceive an overview of all business operations that isn’t a list of destinations.

Our SureTrack Fleet management system develops in real-time, allowing employers to geographically see a simplistic overview of all business ventures at that precise moment in time, showing such information as fuel levels, mileage, work time etc. In this way, GPS tracking also helps employers to make faster decisions to allocate staff that may be nearer to a job or changing routes, for example, should certain problems emerge on the route ahead.

One further benefit is the ability of employers to calculate fuel costs and work out optimum routes of travel, saving money on fuel bills. With SureTrack installed, employers can also monitor the general wear and tear of their vehicles, Monitor how far that trailer had travelled during the mandatory six week test interval, the driving habits of those behind the wheel are scrutinised by the system. Habits that could affect the health of the car, such as braking too hard, not using cruise control etc. will be recorded, allowing the employer to notify the driver and hopefully saving on maintenance and service costs in the long-term.

suretrack tachograph download Money can also be saved on insurance costs. The presence of a tracker or (our little black box) system within a vehicle may be recognised by insurance companies. Insurers often reduce the price of their insurance premiums in response. Insurance companies like these systems because they reduce risk and show a desire, on the part of drivers, to prove their driving skills and safety on the roads.

A person who knows they are being monitored is more self-aware whilst driving and less likely to have a crash. Drivers are also less likely to flout their employer’s instructions and take unscheduled stops, for example, if they know they are being watched and evaluated.

The reason why these systems are so popular is because they provide businesses with multiple vehicles a sense of security and control. In essence, a tracking system puts employers back into the driving seats of all their vehicles. The business itself will benefit by being not only more efficient by default but running your fleet more cost effectively with the automatic savings this technology brings, with a very fast return on investment. Click here to see what a few of our existing customers think of what we provide.






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