BT to raise prices again

Lines and Broadband set to rise by 5.5% on 1st August 2014

BT Business have announced that they will be increasing the prices of some of their services by an average of 5.5% as of 1st August 2014. 

BT would love to see their ‘valued’ customers pay their inflated prices, but if these changes don’t seem fair, the good news is they are allowing contracts to be ended early with no additional fees.

For a list of all BT Business services that are due to be affected by the increase, please click here.

Unlike BT, we believe that supporting your business is more helpful than filling our pockets. For this reason, our prices have remained the same since we started, we’re happy to offer a much better service than our competitors for a much lower price.

If this is something of interest to you, then give us a call on 0333 240 1185 and we can do all the work to move you onto our better priced package.