Driving time violations monitoring

See driving time and rest periods violations made by drivers!

Introducing our new module in TrustTrack ‘Driving times’. With our new driving times module operators can see all violations made by drivers, investigate what caused the violation and prevent it from happening again. This helps to prevent fines for violating EU-regulation (EC) No 561/2006.

  • Violation details
  • View violation details – driver, vehicle, country, date and time
  • Violation severity
  • Violations are classified by their duration
  • Violation type
  • See which rules were violated with paragraph number and brief explanation
  • Factual information
  • See what regulation allows and how driver violated it
  • Filter information
  • Sort violations by any field – driver, date, type
  • Export as a PDF file 
  • Download violations list as a PDF file

Driving times module

The driving times module shows all violations made by drivers. Operator are provided with violation information and can focus on preventative actions – driver trainings, improving planning and other operational tasks. 

Driving times module is now available free for 3 months and is available for users with our standard or premium payment plan. After the free trial – this module will be available in premium plan only.

Keeping track of violations

Violating driving times and rest periods can result in large fines, interrupted operations and even loss of the Companies Operating license. Although drivers and fleet managers are aware of EU-regulation (EC) No 561/2006, violations still happen too often. Sometimes they are made on purpose, but they also happen as a simple mistake.

Drivers can create 16 different driving time and rest periods violations. For a single operator it can be an overwhelming task to manually identify all violations made by drivers.

Data and plans

Data for identifying driving time and rest periods violations are taken from the downloaded tachograph file. To use Driving times module, user must also use Tachograph files download module.

The driving times module is available free for first 3 months and is available for all users with standard or higher plan. After the initial free trial the Driving times module will be available for premium plan users only.

Want to try Driving times violations module?

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