Employees Require More Technology Whilst on the Move

According to research commissioned by Plantronics, business travel is back on work calendars with more than half (55%) of UK employees travelling more than they did five years ago. However, despite increased travel demands for work, many businesses are failing to provide their employees with the right tools to communicate while on the move. The survey found that 47 per cent of employees have to use their own smart phone and 22 per cent have to use their personal laptop while travelling for business.

The survey also revealed that as well as failing to equip employees with the right mobile devices; too many businesses are failing to educate them on data security risks while traveling. This was demonstrated by the fact that an astounding 81 per cent of respondents claimed to not be concerned about potential data security risk or about connecting to free Wi-Fi. With only 23 per cent of employees being provided with a secure internet connection, it’s clear that businesses need to be doing more to provide the right tools to keep their business data safe.

To answer or not answer – That is the question

Furthermore, by failing to provide the right technology to cope with busy travel locations, such as taxis or cafes, businesses could be impeding their employees’ ability to be productive. Close to two thirds (57.9 per cent) of employees rejected or rescheduled one to three calls a week because they were not in the right environment or have access to the right technology.

Not surprising, respondents who did try to make the most of their travel time to take calls, attempted to seek out quiet spots – with an airport lounge (64 per cent) and coffee shop (34 per cent) as the top public places to take a call. Taxis ranked much lower at 21 per cent.

Business Travel and the Bottom Line

While 60 per cent of respondents claim to be travelling for client meetings, an astounding 45 per cent reported they travel for internal meetings. In today’s economy, money spent on travel for internal meetings is not as necessary with an abundance of virtual collaboration tools available including VOIP, video conferencing and noise-cancelling headsets.

“Business travel is increasing and organisations can no longer ignore the need to provide technology solutions that facilitate this.

For those that do ignore it, the security implications and missed opportunities can be severe,” said Paul Clark, General Manager North Western Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, Plantronics. “The right technology can help make the most of your employees travel time, easing communication disruptions and helping them stay connected no matter their location.”