How will the 5G network change the world?

Currently there is a race to develop 5th generation of Mobile Network with different companies. What is 5G? How it is different from 4G or 3 G? Is it only for High speed data or just to support M2M applications?


The vision is high for 5G. We are looking for an imaginary future which is not very far from now.  100 times faster internet speed, Driverless cars, rather than persons, machine will talk to each other, animal tracking,  person sitting is Delhi performing surgery in London and much more.

5G is going to change the worlds prospective to see the things. 5G will become a foundation of future technologies. 5G is not limited to mobile phones only, but it is about different object on earth. Internet of things with wireless connectivity has increased the horizon of 5G.  As per experts, by 2020 50 billion to 100 billion devices will be connected to the internet.  This huge rise will be due to using the 5G network – Internet of Things.


Self-driving cars can make life easy. Everyone can drive the cars regardless of their driving ability. Cars will talk to each other to avoid any accident. Not only Google is working on self-driving cars, but also companies like Mercedes, BMW, and Tesla have already released, or are soon to release, self-driving features.  As of now there are a lot of limitations for these cars, like, it will run only predefined route, cannot determine the temporary traffic signal, cannot run in heavy rain or snow, cannot identified a police stopping. But I am sure in future as with 5G, all these limitations will be resolved.


As per Wikipedia, Remote surgery (also known as telesurgery) is the ability for a doctor to perform surgery on a patient even though they are not physically in the same location. It is a form of telepresence.  With 5G it is possible to control the remote devices. Remote surgery can be benefit to the number of persons who can not travel to different country for surgery.


With high speed data, viewer can get ultimate video quality experience. Just imagine of downloading 33 HD films in a single second. 5G can provide a video quality anywhere – 4K, 8K, HDR, HFR. It can meet consumer demands for TV on their terms.

There are different use cases where 5G will be help full like Animal tracking, Surveillance, Child monitoring, Smart shipping, Smart infrastructure, etc. It is not very far from now that the person will have smart house with smart car.

original source – rayosolutions