Lee Roe – Ribble FM

Roughly 30 years ago I met a chap called Steven Brady we were both in the telecoms industry, me as a exec for a Service Provider (Orange back then) and Steve had a few mobile phone shops around Lancashire. We have a colourful history in the comms industry, in the main down to our mutual sense of humour, plus we are just two Lancashire lads getting on with life.
Roll on to the present day and in all the businesses I have been involved with Steve and his company have looked after my communications, mobile, office, and broadband. For the last 20 odd years Steve and his business partner Andy have been running JabbaTalk and their HQ is in Carnforth, but they cover the UK wide with telecoms, vehicle tracking and broadband to businesses small and large alike.
Last week they arranged ultrafast fibre into both my place of work and my home, seamless it was. Now given that JabbaTalk have been looking after my comms for many years I trust them 100%, I get great service, value for money and good honest advice, and for me as a small business owner those qualities are paramount.
If you are a small business in the Ribble Valley and you are looking at ultrafast fibre, trust the people I have used for the last 15 years for all my comms, JabbaTalk, give them a call talk to Steve and you will be on your way to excellent customer service, business grade broadband and mobile comms, oh and for those that want the truth, and not some marketing blurb, there is no 5G in the Ribble Valley as yet, there are tiny pockets of overspill coverage, but very little so dont fall for the hype, speak to those that know and have over 30 years experience.