Remote Tachograph Data Download with TrustTrack from JabbaTalk

Now you can remotely download your tachograph head unit & driver card data using TrustTrack fleet management software. Make tachograph files management faster and simpler using TrustTrack solution, you will simplify the management of your driver working and resting times. Helping to ensure that drivers work the appropriate amount of time and do not break any regulations.

The Functionalities

  • Remotely download tachograph data
  • Remotely download driver card data
  • Create schedules for automatic downloads
  • Get additional tachograph data for faults, events, speed and technical data
  • Driver name detection and automatic assignation to the vehicle from the driver card

The Benefits

  • No more expensive and time-consuming physical tachograph data collection
  • Prevent from braking European Union regulations and avoid costly fines
  • Avoid tachograph data being overwritten
  • Timely route re-planning and driver selection
  • Plan longer trips and save time

EU Regulation

European Union regulations requires a company to periodically download tachograph unit and driver card data and make it available for up to one year.

How it works

We install our TCO4 HVC GPS tracking device to the truck and connect to the digital tachograph, our device takes a reading every minute and periodically downloads its data in to TrustTrack. it can be then downloaded to your computer in .ddd format or sent via FTP to your preferred analysis provider so no need to change your current supplier.

It really couldn’t be simpler, call us today to understand how your business could start benefiting from our TrustTrack Remote Downloads & Fleet Management Solutions.

Please contact a JabbaTalk advisor on 01524 39212 to discuss your options further.