A Guide to the 2025 Big Landline Switch Off

Find out what’s happening in 2025 and what you need to do to prepare

The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) will be switched off in 2025 but with so much scaremongering around the subject, we’ve made a guide to help you understand what’s really going on.

The PSTN has been in use since the 1800s so, it’s no wonder that there’s a desire to overhaul the network and help businesses move away from legacy telephony. A 2018 survey showed that a quarter of the UK’s businesses are still unaware that the PSTN switch off is even taking place but these businesses need to be made aware so they can begin the necessary switch to IP-based services, such as SIP and VoIP, to avoid finding themselves without a phone system.

Read our handy guide to help you prepare for the switch.

The BIG switch off
What’s occurring?
What is ISDN & PSTN?
Why are the being phased out?
What is SIP & VoIP?
Future-Proofing: Life after the switch off
What to look for?

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